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Structural Desktop Version 4.0 is now available

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Welcome to Structural Desktop. With a library of sections, Structural Desktop integrates the graphical power of AutoCAD into your analytical modeling software. Creating analytical and solid models, material lists, finished plan and elevation drawings in a few seconds. By reducing costs and errors, Structural Desktop can pay for itself in a single project.
  Before Structural Desktop, there was no quick way to get from an analysis to a finished working drawing. Structural Desktop bridges the gap between your
analysis file and your finished drawings.
It can read GT STRUDL, STAAD.Pro, SAP2000, RISA 3D and RISAFloor files.
  Structural Desktop is easy to learn for anyone already familiar with any analytical package. It provides fast, flexible and intuitive tools for working with  drawings from popular analysis programs. Structural Desktop's reason for being is to save time and money in the production of structural models and working drawings. By doing so, the benefits of EFFICIENCY, ACCURACY and CONTROL are increased profits.


Efficiency - Speeds the production of project drawings by eliminating most of the time needed to produce a drawing.
Accuracy - Analytical files input directly into Structural Desktop reducing the possibility of errors and omissions
Control - The powerful and user friendly tools allow the Engineer to finish 80% or more of a drawing with Structural Desktop.