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Structural Desktop Version 4.0 is now available.  Version 4.0 is compatible with all versions of AutoCAD from AutoCAD 2000 through AutoCAD 2009.  The main improvements to Version 4.0 are enhanced data retention of your analytical data after reading a model into  Structural Desktop.  This enhanced retention permits you to read an analytical model, make changes in  Structural Desktop, and write the model back to your analytical program without loss of Loads, Load Combinations, or Design Parameter information pertaining to the analysis process.


  Each of the programs available from Structural Desktop, Inc. are based on the Structural Desktop program and represents over ten years of development, testing, and use in engineering environments. The program is designed to interface with AutoCAD for you, providing dialog boxes and tools related to the analytical approach to building modeling but supporting the full power of AutoCAD for both simple and geometrically complex structure models.
  The full version of Structural Desktop reads and writes analytical files from four different partner companies, assists in making adjustments of the analytical file to match the lengths and positions of the actual members, creates Material Reports, and extracts 3D and 2D models and drawings with a few mouse clicks. Structural Desktop reads and writes the geometry, member and element parameters, and materials of an analytical file. Structural Desktop also can translate from one analytical file format to another for collaboration with others who use other analytical tools or for multiple analysis of a structure for engineers who use more than one analytical tool.
  Structural Desktop LT is an inexpensive companion to the full program, permitting designers to use the Structural Desktop file created by an engineer to create drawings for you in AutoCAD. Once you have mastered Structural Desktop, you will want all of your designers to have the program as well.
  Our other products, are a specialized version of Structural Desktop, designed to work with that product only.
  Requires AutoCAD 2000-2009 or ADT 3.x-2009 Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP